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By Ralph Decker Bennett

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The operators Q ˆ obey a noncommutative tion of operators Q algebra. 9). ˆ is an operation yielding the same vector In ordinary space, a dilation D multiplied by a (real) constant. This operation has been generalized in terms 18 The most familiar case of the expansion of a function in terms of an orthonormal basis set is the Fourier expansion in terms of the exponentials exp(ikx), which constitutes the complete set of eigenfunctions corresponding to the free particle case (see Sect. 3). 7 Hilbert Spaces and Operators Z Y Y Z RX Y X Ry X 23 X Z Z Y Ry Y Z Rx Z Y X X X Fig.

Calculate the distance x that a proton has to travel in order to traverse 5 mm in a perpendicular direction, if the perpendicular momentum is due only to the uncertainty principle. 3 The Heisenberg Realization of Quantum Mechanics In this chapter we present the simplest realization of the basic principles of quantum mechanics. We employ column vectors as state vectors and square matrices as operators. This formulation is especially suitable for Hilbert spaces with finite dimensions. However, we also treat the problem of the harmonic oscillator within this framework.

1). The fact that, given a state vector Ψ, we can only predict the probability |ci |2 of obtaining eigenvalues qi constitutes an indeterminacy inherent in quantum mechanics. Our knowledge about the system cannot be improved, for instance, through a second measurement, since the state Ψ has been transformed into ϕi . According to the interpretation adopted in Sect. 1, it is our knowledge of the system that jumps when we perform a measurement, rather than the physics of the system. 6) there is a subset of basis states ϕk with the same eigenvalue qk = q, the probability of obtaining this eigenvalue is k |ck |2 .

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