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By Sir David Bates, Benjamin Bederson (Eds.)

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This sequence is worried with contemporary advancements within the normal quarter of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. the sector is in a country of swift progress, as new experimental and theoretical concepts are placed to endure on many aged and new difficulties. Such difficulties variety from reports of the basic homes of radiation and topic, via reports of hitherto inaccessible states of "ordinary" and unique atoms and molecules, the keep an eye on of atoms and molecules through mild, the behaviour of atoms and molecules in severe radiations fields, the specified constitution of such platforms, together with advanced molecules and molecular clusters, and a variety of interplay phenomena between atoms, molecules, and their constituent components and fields. issues lined additionally contain comparable utilized parts, similar to atmospheric technology, astrophysics, floor physics, and laser physics.

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A. SYSTEMS OF ISOELECTRONIC ATOMS As part of the study of H i clusters, SCF configuration interaction calculations on H; have been done by Rayez et al. (1981) and by Hirao and NEGATIVE IONS: STRUCTURE AND SPECTRA 45 Yamabe (1983). 08 A but give the binding energy to be so small as to leave the existence of H; in doubt. Laser microprobe studies on carbon vapor (Furstenau et a1 1979) provide indirect evidence that Cn- clusters with n clusters with n up to 20 can exist as linear chains; and Mulliken's rules give that C; is linear.

1 eV. An early photoelectron spectroscopy investigation (Siege1 et al. 005) eV. Measurements by Coe et al. (1987) are consistent with this and Travers et al. 005 eV. Burnett et al. (1982) have studied NS- and CS- by laser photoelectron spectroscopy. 02 A. In the case of NS- they observed photodetachment from several vibrational levels and hence found that o,is 880 f 70 cm-'. Since the alkali halides are closed-shell molecules, they would scarcely be expected to form anions except in that they are also highly polar molecules.

8 d e - - - C C Source: (a) Chivers and Drummond (1972), Lin and Lunsford (1978); (b) Milligan and Jacox (1971); (c) Nimlos and Ellison (1986); (d) Cederbaum et al. (1977); (e) Hirao (1985). 48 David R. 71 Source: After Nimlos and Ellison (1986). 469 eV. Metallic triatomic anions have been studied because of the general interest in cluster ions. As decribed by Leopold et al. (1987), they may be prepared in a flowing afterglow ion-source incorporating a cold cathode dc discharge. Metal atoms and clusters are sputtered from the cathode (which is of appropriate material) by bombardment with Ar or other cations.

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