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An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complicated Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, specified talents, descriptiosn and random come across tables.

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Detailed descriptions of the environments and areas of every of the eighteen internal Planes.

Rules for move, and strive against, and survival inside those unusual and precise environments.

Information concerning the population and ecology of every aircraft, together with elementals, genies, mephits, or even stranger beasts.

Interesting and critical locales in the internal Planes, together with such various locations because the urban of Brass within the airplane of fireside, the Mountain of final wintry weather within the airplane of Ice, the shelter of colour within the airplane of Radiance, and the mysterious, aeons-old deserted towers of the Quasielemental Planes.


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Furthermore, alu-demons with high dexterity gain bonuses as would a normal human. Twenty-five percent of alu-demons are of genius level. While most of thesecreaturesareable toperform the limited numberof spell-like magic powers below, those of genius intelligence are actual magic-users. Magic use level ranges from 1st through 12th with equal probabilities for each. Magic use is in addition to intrinsic powers. Babau demons are hated by vrock, hezrou, and glabrezu. Type IV demons particularly hate and fear numbers of them, as babau detest Type IV demons except as food.

Once hatched, each nabassu spendsa periodof time in the Abyss. Those that survive to young adulthood must come to the Prime Material Plane. This they do through an inborn ability to use psionic probability travel, even though nabassu have no psionic ability or powers otherwise. They may take others with them in this form of travel. Manyare slain in coming to the Prime Material Plane, but some few live to begin their growth. Ir/ B Nabassu demonlings have only armor class 4 and 5 hit dice when they sojourn to the Prime Material Plane.

The farastu, or tarry demodand, is tall and slender. The monster is fast, butcomparedtotheothersof itsilkit isthe least powerful. Itattackswith long-nailed hands and huge jaws. Becauseof its tar-like skin excretions, there isa 5%chancethat anything it hitsoranythingthat hitsitwillstick for 1-6 segments. The consequences of this are: a) if the farastu has stuck itself to an opponent, the monster gains another attack sequence immediately; b) if an opponent is stuck to the creature by its own attack, and, if melee proceeds into a new round because the farastu has previously attacked that round, the farastu attacks at +4 gaining the initiative; or c) if a weapon or similar object held by an opponent sticks to the farastu, there is a 25% chance that the object will be pulled from the opponent's grasp, and the initiative will be given to the farastu next round.

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