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By S.L. Schreiber

ISBN-10: 0080405924

ISBN-13: 9780080405926

Quantity 1 presents an in depth survey of reactions that entail the 1,2-addition of nonstabilized carbanion equivalents of carbonyl, imino and thiocarbonyl performance. Emphasis has been put on these reagents that lead to hugely selective addition reactions. tools are said to choose, for instance, one carbonyl staff over one other within the comparable molecule, or so as to add preferentially a fraction to at least one (enantiotopic of diastereotopic) face of a carbonyl team. approaches that consequence from an preliminary addition to the C=X practical team, for instance alkenations and rearrangements, also are coated during this quantity.

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A suspension of magnesium hydride (100 mmol) in THF (--- 50 ml), prepared by catalytic hydrogenation of magnesium, is placed in the flask by means of a metal U tube. 8 g, 220 mmol) are added and the mixture is stirred and heated under reflux for 48 h. The suspension is filtered through a glass sinter, and THF and unreacted amine are evaporated from the filtrate in vacuo. p. 2), but in favourable cases the equilibrium R1S(O)R 2 + R3MgX R lMgX + R3S(O)R 2 can give useful yields of the new Grignard reagent, R3MgX.

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