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By Geoff Alexander

Exploring a realm of movie frequently brushed aside as campy or contrived, this ebook strains the heritage of lecture room academic movies from the silent period during the Nineteen Eighties, while movie eventually started to lose floor to video-based and electronic media. It profiles 35 person educational filmmakers who performed a task in bringing those approximately 110,000 16mm movies to school rooms throughout North the United States, paying specific cognizance to auteur John Barnes and his principally ignored physique of labor. different subject matters comprise: the creation businesses contributing to the expansion and improvement of the tutorial movie style; the advanced background of post-Sputnik, federally-funded academic tasks which encouraged the expansion of the tutorial movie style; and the denouement of the style in school rooms and its resurgence on the net.

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Between its inception in 1941 and June 1945, the Division made more than 450 films. S. ” This syndrome is a result of storage in adverse temperature and humidity conditions, accelerating a chemical reaction within the film itself, and causing the base layer to separate from the emulsion. This process produces the telltale odor of acetic acid as well as visible warping, resulting in the film’s sprocket holes missing the projector’s claw, causing jams and rendering the film virtually unshowable. Insidiously, this acid travels well in its gaseous state, becomes airborne, and corrodes adjacent metal reels and film cans, making it necessary to remove infected prints from the vicinity of those not yet experiencing symptoms.

And if you don’t think Sputnik was big, just ask anybody who was an elementary school kid in the era: for many of us, the toys du jour were the tiny Sputniks we were all making out of Tinker Toys. In that critical time and for the next few years that followed, it was a common occurrence for our dads to drag us to home fairs where we could see prototype fallout shelters that we could build in our own backyards. The world had changed. This chapter explains why academic films made during the three decades following the Soviet launch of Sputnik were less didactic, broader in scope socially and intellectually, and frankly more enjoyable to watch than their predecessors.

In 1939, Bryan found himself to World War I (Sam Bryan). 32 Academic Films for the Classroom be the only neutral-country reporter left in Warsaw when the Nazis began their brutal threeweek Blitzkrieg attack on the city. Finding himself with 6,000 feet of unexposed film left after a trip to Switzerland and Holland, Bryan documented the fighting, misery, and courage of the population of the city. This eventually resulted in a book and documentary film of the same title (Siege, *1940). Nominated for an Academy Award, Siege lost on the technicality that it had not yet been shown in public theatres.

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