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By Sarah Winman

ISBN-10: 0755390946

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Cornwall, 1947. Marvellous methods is a ninety-year-old lady who's lived by myself in a distant creek for almost all her lifestyles. lately she's taken to spending her days sitting at the steps of her caravan with a couple of binoculars. She's looking forward to whatever - she's uncertain what, yet she'll realize it while she sees it. Freddy Drake is a tender soldier left reeling via the struggle. He's agreed to fulfil a loss of life friend's final want and hand-deliver a letter to the boy's father in Cornwall. yet Freddy's trip doesn't visit plan, and sees him actually wash up in Marvellous' creek, damaged in physique and spirit. whilst Marvellous involves his relief, an not likely friendship grows among the 2. Can Freddy supply Marvellous what she must say so long to the area, and will she provide him what he must move on?

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