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By A. K. Kundu, S. Raghunathan

Plane layout three (2000) 261 - 273

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075 respectively, giving a steady value of ξ of about 4 12 ° . 27Ω and the damping is only about 2 per cent of critical. The much lower damping of the lagging mode is due to the fact that the blade motion in this case is governed by the changes of drag, and not of incidence. This low natural damping is usually augmented by hydraulic or elastomeric damping to avoid potential instability problems. 9 Lagging motion due to flapping It will be assumed that the lag hinges are parallel to the rotor shaft so that ξ represents a change of blade angle in the plane of the hub, as in the previous section.

Because the airflow is continuous there is no sudden change of velocity at the rotor, but there is a jump of pressure ∆p which accounts for the rotor thrust T = ∆pA, A being the rotor disc area πR2. The slipstream velocity continues to increase downstream of the rotor, reaching a value in the ultimate wake of Vc + v2, where the slipstream radius is R2 and the pressure p2. Since the slipstream velocity is higher than the undisturbed axial velocity Vc, it is clear that the mass of fluid leaving the bottom end of the control volume exceeds that entering at the top.

Sissingh, G. , ‘The frequency response of the ordinary rotor blade, the Hiller servo-blade and the Young-Bell stabilizer’, Aeronautical Research Council R&M 2860, 1950. 3. Zbrozek, J. , ‘The simple harmonic motion of a helicopter rotor with hinged blades’, Aeronautical Research Council R&M 2813, 1949. 4. Correspondence in Aircraft Engineering, September and November 1955. 1 Introduction One of the most important aerodynamic problems of the helicopter is the determination of the loading of the rotor blades.

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