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By Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

ISBN-10: 0231702124

ISBN-13: 9780231702126

Starting with the wars of historical Persia and Greece, Arshin Adib-Moghaddam searches for the theoretical underpinnings of the "clash of civilizations" that has made up our minds lots of our political and cultural discourse.
He revisits the Crusades, colonialism, the Enlightenment, and our modern warfare on terror, and he engages with either jap and western thinkers, equivalent to Adorno, Derrida, Farabi, Foucault, Hegel, Khayyam, Marcuse, Marx, acknowledged, Ibn Sina, and Weber.
Adib-Moghaddam's research explains the conceptual genesis of the conflict of civilizations and the impression of western and Islamic representations of the opposite. He highlights the discontinuities among Islamism and the canon of Islamic philosophy, which distinguishes among Avicennian and Qutbian discourses of Islam, and he finds how violence turned inscribed in western rules, in particular throughout the Enlightenment. increasing severe idea to incorporate Islamic philosophy and poetry, this metahistory refuses to regard Muslims and Europeans, american citizens and Arabs, and the Orient and the Occident as separate entities.
'This passionate and stylish paintings is a energetic antidote to a constellation of discourses steeped within the Weltanschauung that the name of Samuel Huntington's notorious e-book encapsulates so good. Arshin Adib-Moghaddam's reflections are a stimulating contribution to Edward Said's legacy of radical critique of all essentialist buildings of otherness.'
(Gilbert Achcar, writer (with Noam Chomsky) of Perilous energy: the center East and U.S. overseas coverage )

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In one way or another they are busy remoulding disparate issues, for instance the Rushdie affair, the cartoon controversy in Denmark, 9/11 and the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, into the quasi-reality that the clash between Islam and the West is inevitable. Hence it must be captured analytically that both the political economy sustaining the clash regime (and its historical 'underbelly') and tendencies towards radical transformations persist and that radical political change may eventually be possible.

Their 'I am' is entirely intertwined with the other, with the 'He/ She is'. The ideal-types, East and West, Occident and Orient are coconstitutive. The clash disciples are not only entirely dependent on each other because the other has become the referent for determining the self—the other inhabits the self. So imagined collectivisations such as 'Islam' and the 'West', Orient and Occident, are asymmetrical formations that are not at all reducible to a single, autonomous logic or a coherent political, cultural or socioeconomic regime.

Chapter 3 locates the clash regime in the contemporary international system with a particular emphasis on US foreign policies, the backlash in the Muslim worlds and its impact on world order. Finally, in the last chapter, I will peruse instances of the clash regime today and engage with 'contrapuntal' signposts of a counter-regime: 'negative dialectics' that suggest alternative ways of thinking about the other. In all of this the present study attempts to reflect on, and at times challenge ideas such as Islamism, the West, Orientalism, Occidentalism, without claiming to discover some kind of 'grand paradigm' that we can all agree upon.

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