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Bleacher: Those who bleach cloth and other textiles. Bowyer: People who make bows. e. dressing, hair, bathing, cleaning, etc. Burgher: A citizen of a city; a freeman who is a member of a guild. 239 liters. Buttery: Where wine and other drinks are stored, typically next to the kitchen. Canon law: Ecclesiastical law; law which applies to clergy when they break the law or when a law is broken against them. Capon: A castrated male chicken. Caravaner: Those who outfit and run caravans. Carpenter: construction workers who mainly work in wood.

Dye maker: Those who make dyes and dye cloth, also known as dyers. Ell: A measurement for cloth or wool, around 45 inches. 37 Glossary Eminent domain: The land that a lord personally manages. Enfeoff: To provide a fief to a vassal. Engineers: Those who design structures and large objects, and oversee construction; under an architect. Engravers: Those who engrave, including metal and wooden items. Entertainment: The right of lords to stay at their vassal’s manors all expenses paid. Entry fee: A fee paid by inheritors, people entering and advancing in guilds, and other social entrances.

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