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Ciϭ21811&pgϭ1 (accessed October 16, 2006). Copyright © 2006 by The Gallup Organization. Reproduced by permission of The Gallup Organization. 4 Poll respondents who say that God created humans in their present form, by age of respondent, 2001–05 [2001–05 aggregate] 100 90 80 59 70 Percentage High school or less 60 50 43 47 44 40 30 20 10 0 A 2005 Gallup Poll asked teenagers to choose one of three statements as most consistent with their own beliefs about the origins of human life on Earth: BELIEFS ABOUT EVOLUTION AMONG TEENS.

Many religious leaders were aghast at Darwin’s assertion that all life had not been created by God in one fell swoop. Moral outrage and opposition to Darwinian theory persisted into the twentieth century. Although society grew more tolerant and many religions accepted and incorporated evolutionary theory into their beliefs, in the early twenty-first century the debate was revived, as many fundamentalist Christian denominations in the United States became more vocal about their creationist beliefs.

It acts on outward appearance (phenotypes), not on internal coding (genotypes), and it is not a process that always discards individual genes in favor of others that might produce traits better suited for survival. For traits attributable to multiple genes, many different combinations of gene pairs may produce the same or comparable phenotypes. Multiple phenotypes may be neutral or even Genetics and Genetic Engineering beneficial in terms of survival in a given environment, and there is no reason for such variation to be eliminated by natural selection.

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A bound for certain s-extremal lattices and codes by Gaborit P.

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