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By Klein H.

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When someone works for the satisfaction of it, not just the paycheck (as knowledge workers do), retention becomes even more important and not as simple to resolve as when compensation is a prime motivator. A different dynamic happens with service jobs, but the result is the same—management's power to command essential outcomes shrinks. Service workers often have little overt power, and many are relatively low paid. But the very thing that their employer is selling is their genuine enthusiasm, warmth, or caring about customers or clients and their ability to generate emotions in customers.

Still, the president equated long standard hours at the office and employees at their desks (and their cars in the lot) with high performance. In an age when work can be done remotely (sometimes more effectively) and hours invested don't equal results (never mind that hours at work don't mean hours worked), he was using a proxy for performance that was no longer valid. The president's e-mail was posted to a Yahoo Web site with employees' comments, and Cerner's stock dropped 28 percent within weeks.

Organizational management experts Sumantra Ghoshal of the London Business School and Christopher Bartlett of the Harvard Business School (Ghoshal & Bartlett, 1997) said that creating such an environment "requires a more organic family-like emotional bonding in which people rely on each other's judgment and depend on each other's commitments" (p. 93). Dual-focus workers develop the ability to deal with complexity by juggling multiple relationships and responsibilities. This makes them highly effective in organizations with competing priorities, conflicting Chapter 4: The New Ideal Worker 43 44 Chapter 4: The New Ideal Worker demands, and complex challenges—characteristics of most business environments.

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4-Dimensional compact projective planes with small nilradical by Klein H.

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